Poa pratensis L.

Kentucky bluegrass is frequently found in the wild, on mineral and humus-rich soils in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Fine-leaved varieties with excellent turf qualities have been selected. Kentucky bluegrass is a persistent species with strong rhizomes and erect leafy shoots. Growth starts early in the spring, and regrowth consists mainly of leafy material that can be mown easily, leaving a clean cut. Kentucky bluegrass tolerates hard wear and can regenerate itself even if the sward is badly damaged. Newer varieties tend to have a higher density than the old. The heat tolerance of Poa pratensis is good, which makes it a perfect partner in mixtures with tall fescue.

Establishment: 14 to 21 Days
Use alone or with ryegrass, tall or fine fescue for year-round quality and sod strength.

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Click Variety Name to Download the Tech Sheet:
Blue Ghost - Secunda hybrid-type. Fast establishment, cool season growth, Stem Rust resistance, and drought tolerance.
Fielder - Shamrock-type. Rapid establishment, excellent traffic tolerance, early spring green up, and superior summer performance.
Geisha - Aggressive-type. Very large seed, aggressive rhizomes, medium turf quality, texture, and density.
Geronimo - BVMG-type. Rapid establishment, medium green, strong wear, heat, and drought tolerance.

Heidi - Compact-type. Dark green color, superior turf quality and excellent wear tolerance.

Jackrabbit - Superb transition zone performance, quick establishment, dark color, strong wear tolerance.
Mercury - A-LIST! America-type. Aggressive, traffic and mow tolerance, early spring green up, and fine leaf texture.
Midnight - Midnight-type. Dark green color, Summer Patch resistance, heat tolerance, fine turf quality.
Rhythm - Midnight-type. Compact vigorous growth, summer performance, and low mow tolerance.
Sombrero - Aggressive-type. High density, traffic and drought tolerance combined with Snow Mold resistance.

Armada - Armada (PSG 366) combines the spring and fall growth, high density, and shade tolerance of Compact America-type bluegrasses with quick germination and excellent rhizome formation. 

Blue Velvet - Blue Velvet is very dark green, dense, and fine leaved Midnight-type, with exceptional turf quality as demonstrated in the NTEP trials.

Granite - Granite is a dark green, wear tolerant Midnight-type Kentucky Bluegrass with excellent summer stress tolerance. It tolerates a low mowing height for high maintenance turf, but can also be used for lower maintenance regimes.

Quantum Leap - Quantum Leap is a compact Midnight-type of Kentucky Bluegrass with very dark green color and density, along with aggressive growth.

Texas x Kentucky Hybrid

Bandera - Bandera Texas x Kentucky Bluegrass hybrid is the newest advance combining the extensive rhizomes and heat and drought tolerance of Texas Bluegrass (Poa arachnifera) with the turf quality and density of Kentucky Bluegrass (poa pratensis).