Poa pratensis L.

Kentucky bluegrass is frequently found in the wild, on mineral and humus-rich soils in both the northern and southern hemispheres. Fine-leaved varieties with excellent turf qualities have been selected. Kentucky bluegrass is a persistent species with strong rhizomes and erect leafy shoots. Growth starts early in the spring, and regrowth consists mainly of leafy material that can be mown easily, leaving a clean cut. Kentucky bluegrass tolerates hard wear and can regenerate itself even if the sward is badly damaged. Newer varieties tend to have a higher density than the old. The heat tolerance of Poa pratensis is good, which makes it a perfect partner in mixtures with tall fescue.

Establishment: 14 to 21 Days
Use alone or with ryegrass, tall or fine fescue for year-round quality and sod strength.

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Armada - America-type. Spring and fall growth, high density, shade tolerant, with quick germination, and excellent rhizome formation.
Blue Ghost - Secunda hybrid-type. Fast establishment, cool season growth, Stem Rust resistance, and drought tolerance. Substitute for Texas Bluegrass hybrid.
Fielder - Shamrock-type. Rapid establishment, excellent traffic tolerance, early spring green up, and superior summer performance.
Geisha - Aggressive-type. Very large seed, aggressive rhizomes, medium turf quality, texture, and density.
Geronimo - BVMG-type. Rapid establishment, medium green, strong wear, heat, and drought tolerance.

Heidi - Compact-type. Dark green color, superior turf quality and excellent wear tolerance.

Jackrabbit - Julia-type. Superb transition zone performance, quick establishment, dark color, strong wear tolerance.
Martha - A-LIST! Drought tolerant, superior Summer Patch and Stem Rust Resistance, superior turf quality - all regions, transition zone performance.

Mercury - A-LIST! America-type. Aggressive, traffic and mow tolerance, early spring green up, and fine leaf texture.
Midnight - Midnight-type. Dark green color, Summer Patch resistance, heat tolerance, fine turf quality.
Rhythm - Midnight-type. Compact vigorous growth, summer performance, and low mow tolerance.
Sombrero - Aggressive-type. High density, traffic and drought tolerance combined with Snow Mold resistance.

Blue Velvet - Very dark green, dense, and fine leaved (Midnight-type), with exceptional turf quality.

Granite - Dark green, wear tolerant (Midnight-type), with excellent summer stress tolerance. Tolerates a low mowing height.

Quantum Leap - Very dark green color, high-density (Midnight-type), along with aggressive growth.