Tall Fescue

Festuca arundinacea L.

Tall fescue is one of the most drought, heat, and wear tolerant species. Due to its large and deep root system, it is able to take up water in dry periods when other grasses have stopped their growth. It stays green in dry summer periods and tolerates high temperatures. The leaf texture is rather coarse compared to other turf grasses, but new varieties have narrower leaves and density. The leaf color of tall fescue is normally dark green. Winterhardiness varied depending on the type. Mediterranean types are less winterhardy, but continental types have good winterhardiness. Tall fescue establishes quickly, but not quite as fast as perennial ryegrass. The disease tolerance is very high.

Establishment: 10 to 14 Days
Use with or without bluegrass for sod, lawns, and sports fields from South to North.

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Bloodhound - Aggressive tillering, Brown Patch resistance, shade tolerance, and density.
Essential - High resistance to Brown Batch, improved density, leaf texture, and color.
Fayette - A-LIST! Superior drought tolerance and excellent growth and color under cool temperatures.
Foxhound - Semi-dwarf growth habit, fine texture, and high density.
Garrison - Aggressive tillering, resistance to Stem Rust, Net Blotch, and Brown Patch, very drought tolerant.
Houndog 6 - High crown density, dark green color, medium leaf texture, and drought tolerance.
Houndog 8 - High crown density, fine texture, top turf quality, and disease resistance.
Rhizing Moon - A-LIST! Highly Rhizomatous, superior quality, drought tolerant, very dark green color.
Turfway - Dark green year-round, excellent drought tolerance, and Brown Patch resistance.
Unitus - Brown Patch resistant, drought tolerant, exceptional turf quality, dark green color.

Nightcrawler - An A-LIST Approved Variety! Nightcrawler (IS-TF 285) turf-type tall fescue is a very versatile variety that will excel in both full sun and deep shade. With aggressive rhizome production and high density, Nightcrawler is very wear tolerant and recovers rapidly from damage. 

Bladerunner II - An A-LIST Approved Variety! Bladerunner II turf-type tall fescue demonstrates superior summer performance coupled with rapid tillering and the production of underground rhizomes. 

Mustang 4 - An A-LIST Approved Variety! Mustang 4’s exceptional resistance to Brown Patch sets it apart from the pack. Its very high summer stress tolerance, as well as its shade and traffic tolerance.

Crossfire 4 - Crossfire 4 tall fescue demonstrates extremely low mowing tolerance, quick spring green up, high shade tolerance and disease resistance.

Firewall - Firewall turf type tall fescue performs as the name implies, it creates a barrier that keeps out Brown Patch and degradation due to intense wear. The Brown Patch resistance contributes to its excellent shade tolerance.