Science & Research

Background and History of R&D at DLF
DLF is headquartered in Denmark, where it started with selection work in grasses and clovers over 100 years ago. Today, DLF is the world’s largest producer and marketer of cool season forage and turf grasses. We have been able to reach that position by offering a portfolio of top performing varieties combined with efficient seed production and distribution. Over the course of the past 100 years, the variety improvement methods have dramatically developed and the resources DLF has allocated to this effort have grown substantially. The original simple selection methods were complemented with pair crossings, creation of tetraploids, molecular marker-assisted breeding, and inclusion of novel endophytes. Genome Wide Selection is the latest tool in our variety improvement program.

Global Research Network
Variety adaptation to local conditions is paramount and our Research Stations are strategically located around the globe to develop the varieties that meet that requirement. All our Research Stations are fully integrated in our global research network, complemented with independent third party locations to extend the environments in which our newest developments are trialed. It allows for screening for certain diseases in a broad array of breeding lines in locations where the disease pressure is high and predictable. The data from all trial locations is fed back to our breeders, who analyze this data to select the varieties with exceptional performance and the broadest adaptation.

The data generated through this intensive trial program is also utilized in the product development and marketing phases of the resulting varieties. Besides yield, disease resistance, and quality data, it provides data on suitability for a certain use, adaptation to climatic, and soil conditions, etc. These are all traits that are important to the end users of our varieties.

Our ongoing research allows us to offer you the very best in turf and forage seed.

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