Annual Ryegrass

Lolium multiflorum westerwoldicum

Westerwoldicum is the true annual type of Italian ryegrass, and the fastest growing grass. Unlike Italian ryegrass, it forms stems during the sowing year. Westerwoldicum is used when high production is required within 3 to 6 months after sowing. There are only minor differences between diploid and tetraploid varieties.

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New Dawn - 2N - High early spring yield, improved transition.

McKinley - 2N - Excellent cold tolerance.

Angusta - 4N - Early transition, high yielding.

Kodiak - 2N - Superior cold tolerance, high feed quality.

Abundant - 4N - Broad adaptation, moves both North and South.

Andes - 4N - High yield in early cuts, improved cold tolerance.

Credence - 4N - Strong vigor and regrowth, dense tillering, high forage quality.

Striker - 4N - Southern genetics, high yield, excellent disease resistance.

DH-3 - NEW TO DLF - 2N - exhibits high forage yield, excellent seedling vigor, and medium maturity, allowing consistency in forage yield throughout the season with good transition back into warm-season forage grasses. 

Diamond T - NEW TO DLF - provides a high quality, high yielding variety with world-wide adaptability.

Double Diamond - NEW TO DLF - 4N - exhibits high forage yields, very fast establishment, excellent leaf to stem ratio, and high forage quality.

Flying A - NEW TO DLF - exhibits characteristics such as high forage yield, excellent crown rust resistance and quick establishment. 

TAMTBO - NEW TO DLF - selected for superior forage yield, crown rust resistance and frost tolerance, TAMTBO is vigorous with consistent dry matter yields.   

Triangle T - NEW TO DLF - High Palatability High Forage Yields Fast Establishment. 

Winterhawk - NEW TO DLF - Excellent cold and frost tolerance allows Winterhawk to thrive in those regions where annual ryegrass is normally compromised by cold weather.