N-Hancer is a blend of red and white clover, formulated for the best results when frost seeded over an existing pasture. Seeding N-Hancer can replace your N-fertilizer applications, saving hundreds of dollars per acre off your fertilizer bill, while increasing animal productivity. Seed cost are approximately $35 per acre, and will provide at least 3 years of higher DM production, higher animal output, and less fertilizer cost!  That is $$ in your pocket.

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Adding Clovers to a Pasture
Clovers will boost your pasture yield, more so than high rates of nitrogen can do. In a University of KY trial, a grass/red clover stand out yielded the grass by itself with 180 lbs. N/acre.

Clovers Increase Animal Performance
Grass/clover stands have higher protein production/acre and an improved palatability over a grass monoculture, resulting in a higher DM intake per animal. New studies have shown that especially red clover has a positive influence on the microflora in the rumen, allowing the animal to have a better conversion of the available protein. When clovers are grown in toxic endophyte infected [K-31] pastures, the clover has a diluting effect on the toxic grass DM, reducing the animal’s intake of the toxic edophyte ergot-alkaloids.