For decades turfgrass breeders have toiled to create varieties that out perform their predecessors. Turf managers also struggle to balance required management practices with environmental dictates.

Varieties have unique traits, much like a fingerprint, that allow them to be compared and evaluated on a standard basis. The ALLIANCE FOR LOW INPUT SUSTAINABLE TURF® (A-LIST®) seeks to influence turfgrass breeding by creating trial guidelines and evaluation protocols to identify the best performing turfgrass varieties that also have reduced input demands.


A-LIST is an independent, non-profit, industry initiative, fostering development of sustainable turfgrass varieties and related products that perform their function with less maintenance inputs, thus benefiting the environment. A-LIST will establish and monitor a voluntary evaluation program including metrics like water conservation, reduced fertility, traffic, heat, and drought stress tolerances, all with no fungicide or insecticide applications. Products that meet the acceptance criteria can utilize the A-LIST Approved symbol in their marketing.

Founding Members

Our founding members believe that responsible stewardship of the earth's natural resources is shifting emphasis toward more efficient plant sustainability. Turfgrasses enjoy several inherent psychological and environmental benefits. Their sustainability under reduced growing inputs will further enhance their value and contribution.

This suggests a research protocol that is more holistic in nature, addressing all factors contributing to a plants health, rather than a narrow focus on a selected trait.

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