Pasture Land

THE SEED – All X-Seed® Pasture Land™ mixtures have premium seeds for a premium pasture providing an excellent source of fiber for  grazing animals. Our seeds are guaranteed to grow and establish quickly. Seed varieties are tested and selected to produce pastures that are higher yielding.

THE PASTURE – Micro-Boost produces 15%+ greater yields! Micro-Boost is added to our Pasture Land™ Equine, Over-Seeder, and Dry-Land products to promote even emergence, quick establishment and more fibrous roots. Pasture Land™ pastures withstand periods of environmental stress and grazing demands. Over-seed old fields to provide higher yields and excellent feed for all your grazing animals. Micro-Boost helps seeds germinate even in compact soils.

RESULTS - Our mixtures are specially formulated for Equine, Cattle, and All Stock for all other grazing animals. Our Dry-Land mixture is perfect for all dry regions with greater cold and heat tolerance.