Grass for Farming, for Sports, for Life

DLF USA was established in 2017 when the US branches of DLF and Pickseed combined to form one company. This change was advanced in order to provide our customers an improved and focused service, the company reorganized the market approach into three distinct divisions; Professional, Agricultural and Retail. DLF USA represents DLF in the US market.

DLF is a global seed company dealing in turf seed, forage seed, and other crops. DLF is a market leader providing seed domestically and to more than 80 countries globally.

With a 25% market share worldwide, there is a good chance the animals that provide your milk, meat, and wool gathered the nutrition they need from DLF grasses. If you enjoy sports, you may well have seen your favorite team on a field turfed with DLF grass. And, if you like relaxing and playing in your yard, that too may well have begun life as a bag of DLF seeds.

Science Develops Better Seeds
The world demands a lot from its grasses when it comes to nutrition, resilience, performance, and ease of maintenance. Each year DLF customers rely on us to produce even higher quality seed varieties than we did the year before so we spend a lot of resources and time on our research farms and seed studies. Roughly 10% of our 800 global employees are involved in research and development. We run breeding and development programs throughout the globe to produce varieties that flourish in harsh climates, on challenging soils, and that are specially suited for the most demanding and critical environments. That is why DLF grasses are often chosen for major sporting events and prestigious venues in the US and throughout the world.

Structured for Speed, Innovation, and Security of Supply
Our business structure is focused on our customers and their needs. DLF customers expect the best; innovative and tested seed varieties supported by data and backed by speed and security of supply. DLF is vertically integrated from seed grower to consumer and every step along the way.