Pleum pretense

Timothy is a perennial bunchgrass which is one of the most winter-hardy cool season forage grasses. It is widely adapted to temperate, moist environments such as the Pacific Northwest and east of the Great Plains, south into Kentucky. Timothy's ability to withstand low temperatures and frost heaving make it particularly suited to the upper Northeastern US. It has a long period of spring growth before flowering, and will continue to produce vegetative and reproductive tillers following initial heading and harvest.

In a cold spring Timothy will grow better than most other forage grasses and can be gown further north than orchardgrass. Timothy is usually grown in association with alfalfa or red clover because it does not aggressively compete with other species. It is grown as a monoculture where legume persistence is limited. It establishes easily in the spring and contributes to overall quality.

The late Timothy varieties are highly suitable for grazing. The sugar content and digestibility aren't as good as ryegrass, but Timothy is high in fiber. The early types with a high yield in the spring are ideal for silage.

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Zenyatta - Strong first cut, regowth, improved clair type, USA selection.

Winnetou - High forage quality, improved grazing tolerance, balanced yield. Supplemental Data