Mixtures & Blends

Futura Fairway - Futura Fairway creeping bentgrass blend is a blend of improved and genetically diverse creeping bentgrass varieties selected to provide high fairway performance at a reduced price. Ninety-Six Two was selected for extensive rooting as well as heat tolerance at Texas A&M University to help fight against summer stresses. This combination of cold and heat tolerance, with elite performance, makes Futura Fairway an excellent choice for all areas of the world where bentgrass is grown.

Futura Greens - Futura Greens creeping bentgrass blend is a superior blend of creeping bentgrass varieties selected to complement each other for high performance, no matter what your environment. Futura Greens combines three excellent bentgrasses to create a turf with a broad genetic base. This broad base will provide a putting surface with increased resistance to Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Pink Snow Mold, Pythium, and most environmental stresses.

Futura Pro - Futura Pro creeping bentgrass blend is designed to produce superior golf course greens under a range of environmental and maintenance conditions. Futura Pro combines two top-rated bentgrass varieties from DLF USA – MacKenzie and Tyee. Research studies have shown that blends often perform better than the individual cultivars alone, because they ensure a broad genetic base that capitalizes on the strengths of the different varieties. These varieties were selected to provide genetic diversity, outstanding turf quality, and a uniform playing surface under varying maintenance conditions and environmental stresses.

Futura Sport - Futura Sport is a blend of select DLF USA ryegrass and bluegrass varieties and is ideally suited to the demanding conditions on North American soccer pitches and other sports fields. It establishes quickly to provide a uniform, professional quality playing surface with excellent wear tolerance. The excellent summer and fall shoot density of Futura Sport results in optimum impact cushioning on the field.

Futura 2000 - Futura 2000 is a perennial favorite. The product of time and tradition, 2000’s consistent great looks, high performance, and affordability have made it the long-time choice of turf professionals everywhere.

Futura 3000 - Looking for a ryegrass that’s appropriate for every occasion? The Futura family of blended ryegrass from DLF USA is carefully crafted according to our time-honored standard. Each blend is a distinctive combination of elite varieties, selected for optimal performance. Futura 3000 is DLF USA's premium blend, a cutting edge combination of the newest and best turf-type perennial ryegrasses available. This blend is frequently updated, and can be customized for geographically-specific application.

Futura Heat - In many situations, certified Futura Heat turf-type seeded bermudagrass blend from DLF USA is a wiser, more economical and beneficial choice for a turf project manager, architect or designer. Futura Heat Bermudagrass, with its rapid germination and establishment rate, is an excellent choice for project managers on a tight completion schedule. Certified Futura Heat seed can be stored on the job site until needed for planting, whereas sprigs and sod must be ordered daily as needed.

Marine - Blend of top Poa trivialis varieties.

PH.D. - a customized perennial ryegrass blend comprised of only top rated varieties. 

Team - For maximum genetic diversity and adaptation, each of Team’s components are carefully screened and selected for their unique strengths that they bring to the blend. Team is a turf-type tall fescue blend that contains some of the most widely tested and nationally recognized varieties available. Comprised of our top turf-type tall fescues, Team provides an improved turf with enhanced disease resistance, drought tolerance and low maintenance characteristics.

Royal TXD - Bermudagrass blend with X-Treme Density, high turf quality and cold tolerance

If you have any questions or need further information on the various mixtures and blends available through DLF, please feel free to contact us.