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  • ProNitro® Coated with fertilizer - natural color blends with uncoated seed
  • 40% more moisture retention - enhances germination with less water ensuring survival of more seedlings
  • Water released slowly to the seed - slow release means germination with fewer inputs
  • Low analysis fertilizer readily avaliable to seedling for stronger, more abundant growth
  • Kelp ensures important plant hormones available
  • Beneficial mycorrhizae - Support fast establishment, extend root system for better access to soil moisture and nutrients

ProNitro® Plus enables you to achieve stronger germination, faster establishment, and save time and money. The targeted combination of products in the ProNitro® Plus seed coating makes essential nutrients and water available to each germinating seedling for better germination and improved nutrient utilization during early plant growth.

The beneficial mycorrhizae symbiosis then extends the root system for improved continued growth. The hyphae (beneficial fungus from the mychorrizae) help deliver nutrients and water to the plant, making for better continued growth and increased environmental resistance to drought and other stresses. This leads to healthier, stronger plants.

seed comparisson raw(right) coated(left)

Coated seed (left) Raw seed (right) ready to plant

seed comparisson raw(right) coated(left)

Perennial ryegrass 30 days old left to right Coated seeded at 8 lbs/ 1000 sq ft, Uncoated at 6 lbs/ 1000 sq ft, Coated at 6 lbs/ 1000 sq ft.

seed comparisson raw(right) coated(left)

The coated perennial ryegrass seeded at 6 lbs /. 1000 sq ft (left) had longer roots and more developed above ground plants.

Species Trial rate (lbs/1000 ft2) Coated / Raw 30-day root length (cm) Normal rate (lbs/1000 ft2)
Strong CRF 5.5 Uncoated 9.6 4 to 6
Strong CRF 5.5 ProNitro® Plus 11.4  
Chewing 5.5 Uncoated 8.5 4 to 6
Chewing 5.5 ProNitro® Plus 9.1  
Hard 3.5 Uncoated 8.9 4 to 6
Hard 3.5 ProNitro® Plus 12.1  
Sheep 5.5 Uncoated 8.5 4 to 6
Sheep 5.5 ProNitro® Plus 12.3  
Tall 9.0 Uncoated 8.4 8 to 10
Tall 9.0 ProNitro® Plus 11.4  
Bluegrass 2.0 Uncoated 8.4 1 to 2
Bluegrass 2.0 ProNitro® Plus 11.3  
Perennial 6.0 Uncoated 9.9 7 to 9
Perennial 6.0 ProNitro® Plus 14.3  
    Trial mean: 10
    LSD: 2.9
    CV: 14.3