Perennial Ryegrass

Lolium perenne

Perennial ryegrass is a high yielding, high quality grass. Under grazing management, the best varieties are very persistent provided they are well fertilized and well managed. In cold areas, perennial ryegrass plays an important role in short term production with high yields and quality. Perennial ryegrass is compatible in mixtures with white clover. It is suitable for cultivation in most types of soils except very wet land. Perennial ryegrass is available in early, intermediate and late heading types and as diploid and tetraploid.

Click Variety Name to Download the Tech Sheet:
Calibra - 4N - Broad adaptability, industry standard.

Mathilde  - 4N - Improved yield performance. Supplemental Data

Kentaur  - 4N - Full season performance,  good temperature tolerance.

Polim  - 4N - Full season performance, leafy, high density.

Mach Two -2N - Superior turf quality, excellent gray leaf spot, brown patch resistance.

Boost - NEW TO DLF - 4N - Excellent regrowth characteristics allow a consistent forage yield throughout the grazing season. Palatable and highly digestible.