Turf Type Annual Ryegrass

Lolium multiflorum  

Annual ryegrass is a rapid germinating, fast establishing plant. Most are used for temporary ground cover or in mixes to provide quick growth for soil stabilization. Annual ryegrass will mow out in most areas and does not tolerate extreme cold and heat. It is an excellent and economical transition grass.

Establishment: 4 to 7 Days
Use in winter overseeding of bermudagrass or when quick turf is desired under less than ideal environmental conditions.

Click Variety Name to Download the Tech Sheet:

Candidame - Darker green color, higher tiller density, and fine leaf texture.

Quickdraw - Quick germination, finer leaf texture, darker green color, and improved turf quality.

Quickston - Moderate tiller density, fine leaf texture, and transition ability.

Greenlinks - NEW TO DLF provides a cost effective, high quality turf, without the problems of establishment and transition that commonly plague perennial ryegrass.

NuSprint - NEW TO DLF - a cost effective, disease resistant variety that transitions quick from cool-season to warm-season turf in the spring.