Ultra Premium

THE SEED – X-Seed® Pure and Simple™ Ultra-Premium lawn seed mixtures contain improved varieties that are disease resistant and drought tolerant. X-Seed® is 100% pure seed that is 99.9% weed free for a lush green lawn.  We use only premium seed that is guaranteed to grow and provides a long-lasting, beautiful lawn. Our selection of lawn seed mixtures provide the perfect lawn for any growing environment from dense shade to full sun. X-Seed® has no fillers or additives – just pure seed with 2X more coverage than the leading brands.

APPEAL – Our dynamic packaging was created for easy selection, high appeal, and simple instructions. Your grass seed store sets will be bright and eye-catching. The simple instructions on the back help your customer have success in all their lawn projects.

VALUE – With 2x more seed than the leading brands we are priced right!  More for less is always a great idea! X-Seed® is priced to bring great value to the consumer and better margins for our retail partners.