Fine Fescue

Slender Creeping Red Fescue

Festuca rubra ssp. littoralis

Slender creeping red fescues (F. rubra ssp. littoralis) have short rhizomes and a low growth habit. It is well suited for use at all cutting heights,  unmown to putting green height. The most salt tolerant of the cool season turfgrasses it is well adapted to sites where salts are used on roadways or occur in water or soil. It has fine needle like leaves and high density.

Establishment: 6 to 9 Days

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Samanta - Salt Tolerance. Rapid Blight and Red Thread Resistance. Fine Textured. Low Maintenance.

Strong Creeping Red Fescue

Festuca rubra ssp. rubra

Festuca rubra ssp. rubra ssp. littoralis. is the most robust and adaptable of the three. By forming strong rhizomes, it is able to close holes in the grass sward very quickly. It tolerates extreme summer temperatures better than other red fescues. Rubra ssp. rubra is faster to establish and can be used individually or in conjunction with the other types of fescue for lawn renovation.

Establishment: 10 to 15 Days
Excellent as a component for shade and low maintenance areas.

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Chantilly - A-LIST! Creeping. High turf quality and disease resistance, excellent wear tolerance, and weed resistant.

Rosecity - From plants harvested from the Portland, Oregon area containing "Rose City Endophyte" which has been documented to improve dollar spot resistance.

Garnet - Excellent performance at every maintenance level, from no-mow to fairway cutting heights of 1/2”. 



Hard Fescue 

Festuca brevipila

A short, densely tufted species with strong roots, drought resistance, and good seed yield. Primarily used to stabilize roadsides, ditch banks, and burns.

Establishment: 18 to 21 Days
Excellent as a component for drought tolerance and performs in low maintenance areas.

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Eureka II - Hard. High shoot density, dark green color, drought tolerance, and low maintenance.

Spartan II - High shade resistance and high density with stress tolerance that keeps weeds out.

Granite - NEW TO DLF - excellent low/no maintenance turf for home lawns, roadsides, slopes, and vineyards.

LeonidasNEW -(Festuca brevipila) is a versatile grass that will help reduce maintenance costs whether planted in a monostand or a mixture. It has shown excellent turf quality whether unmown or managed as a lawn or fairway. Its more dwarf growth habit reduces the number and frequency of mowings and reduces clipping yields.

Chewings Fescue

Festuca rubra ssp. commutata

Festuca rubra commutata has no rhizomes (bunchgrass), but it has the highest density of the three types. When using commutata in mixtures, it is often necessary to add one of the other types of fescue with rhizomes (or Poa pratensis) for regrowth. It has better winterhardiness than other fescues. It is excellent for high traffic areas, especially golf greens.

Establishment: 8 to 12 Days
Excellent as a component for salt rich soil and high traffic areas.

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Longfellow 3 - Chewings. Improved quality, excel­lent density, strong Red Thread and Dollar Spot resistance.

Windward - Excellent adaptation to shade, low fertility, and acid soils. 

Leeward - Superior Turf Quality,High Resistance to Weed Invasion, Tolerates All Mowing Heights, Excellent Disease Resistance  

Chancellor - NEW TO DLF - exhibiting excellent texture and density, Chancellor is an excellent choice for lawns, parks, golf courses, and sports fields.


Sheeps Fescue

Festuca ovina var. ovina

A perennial sometimes found in acidic ground, and in mountain pasture, throughout Europe (with the exception of some Mediterranean areas) and eastwards across much of Asia; it has also been introduced to North America. Sheep's fescue is a drought resistant grass, commonly used on poor, well-drained mineral soil. It performs as a drought tolerant lawn grass.

Establishment: 18 to 21 Days
Excellent shade tolerance and establishes rapidly.

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Quatro - extremely fine blades, a distinct deep dark color, shade tolerance, establishes rapidly with very slow plant growth.

Dall - NEW TO DLF - low soil fertility, low maintenance, low rainfall and irrigation, harsh winter conditions with little or no snow, and intense summer sun are no obstacles to outstanding turf performance.