Crimson Clover

Trifolium incarnatum

Crimson clover is commonly used in agriculture as a nitrogen-fixing cover crop. The plant uses associations with Rhizobia bacteria to fix nitrogen. The plant is widely grown as a protein-rich forage crop for cattle and other livestock, and is suitable to be made into hay. It is commonly grazed by domestic and wild ruminants. It is often used for roadside erosion control, as well as beautification, however it tends to eliminate all other desirable spring and early-summer species of native vegetation in the area where it is planted.

White Cloud - NEW TO DLF - only white flowered Trifolium incarnatum cultivar in the United States. Found in a crimson clover production field and subjected to six cycles of intense recurrent phenotypic selection, White Cloud is truly unique with white flowers and seeds. With a lack of red coloration, White Cloud contains lower levels of bitter anthocyanins. With improved palatability and high disease resistance, White Cloud is an excellent choice for livestock and wildlife.