DLF Worldwide

DLF Pickseed is proud to be a market leader in developing turf, forage and clover varieties for today and the future. With over 10,000 research plots in Oregon and Kentucky, and ongoing cooperative work with universities and plant breeders throughout the world, DLF Pickseed has been successfully breeding the highest rated improved varieties in the nation. The US headquarters for DLF Pickseed are strategically located in the Pacific Northwest where over half of the world’s cool season grasses are produced.

DLF Pickseed and Seed Research of Oregon are DLF companies, and are some of the world’s largest US producers of grass, clover and specialty seeds; annually marketing million of pounds of seed. The group’s diversified research and breeding programs are aligned to work cooperatively with global production and international distribution alliances. This partnership facilitates DLF Pickseed’s goal of supplying superior turf and forage seed for all ventures of use around the world. Strength, stability and international support means DLF Pickseed can deliver success.