Kasumigaseki Country Club’s 007 greens take the gold!

at this year's Tokyo Olympic Games players, fans, and commentators are raving about the great conditioning and pure putting surfaces

Both the men’s and women’s golf tournaments will be played at the East Course at Kasumigaseki Country Club. Kasumigaseki (pronounced Ka-soo-mee-ga-se-kee) is a private course 35 miles north of Tokyo that was redesigned by Tom and Logan Fazio in 2016, which included a total greens renovation.

007 Creeping Bentgrass was selected for all greens because of its exceptional density, uniformity, color, and stress tolerance. The golf course superintendent, Mr. Mamoro Shoji (pictured above), has been very pleased with 007 and noted how easy it is to manage and how well it holds up under the summer heat. All reports suggested the greens would be in perfect condition and ready for Olympic play and they have delivered.

When asked about the condition of the greens "The Champion Golfer of the Year" Colin Morikawa had this to say, "The greens are just spectacular" "The greens are as pure as they're going to get".

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