Why PlatinumCoat?

What Makes PlatinumCoat® So Unique?
PlatinumCoat® technology adheres nitrogen directly to the grass seed for optimal fertilization and seals it in with an ultra-absorbent coating for water-saving moisture retention. The result is maximum growth with less water and without the need for additional, specialized fertilizers.

Premium-Grade Seed
For healthier and stronger growth, it helps to have good genes. DLF Pickseed brings high performing seeds to your home lawn. We always start with a premium-grade seed, bred specifically for traits you need in your growing region, such as excellent cold tolerance, superior brown patch resistance and early spring green up. It's hard to compete with a premium-grade seed that's genetically predisposed to succeed. DLF Pickseed is all about seeds and science!

PlatinumCoat® Fertilizer
MasterGreen seed contains essential nitrogen in the coating for direct contact with the emerging roots. The ideal amount of fertilizer is available at the optimal time that it's needed. The result is superior growth that requires less water and no additional fertilization, which not only makes it easier, but also more environmentally friendly. For the consumer it is “Half the Time, Half the Cost!”®

Water-Absorbent Coating
On top of a genetically superior seed coated with the perfect amount of fertilizer, we added a water-absorbent with slow-release features. This finishing touch holds more moisture than uncoated seed for accelerated and more complete germination, topping off the recipe for a beautiful lawn.