PlatinumCoat was developed as a premium seed enhancement coating material. PlatinumCoat provides water-absorbing and release polymers combined with the correct amount of starter fertilizer. The starter fertilizer is available for plant uptake at the optimum time for early root development and plant establishment.

PlatinumCoat seed enhancement technology is suitable for the entire spectrum of professional grass seed applications. PlatinumCoat is a platform technology which allows the inclusion of enhancement materials tailored for specific soil types from high-cation exchange clay roughs and fairways to sand-based tees and greens. PlatinumCoat optimizes seed performance within all cool and warm season growing environments.

PlatinumCoat Coated Seed 4-n-1 Targeted Seed Nutrition Technology provides many benefits for turfgrass seed establishment.

• Fertilizer in Seed Coating
• Superabsorbent Water Polymer
• Limestone Coating

• Required Nutrients for Growth Readily Available to Germinating Seedling
• No Need for Separate Fertilizer Application
• Water Polymer Attracts Water to Seed Initiating Germination Reliably
• Superabsorbent Water Polymer Releases Water to Growing Roots Between Irrigation Events
• Limestone Maintains Proper pH Near the Seed

• Mature Plant More Rapidly
• Deep, Extensive Root Development
• Superior Turf

View or download the PlatinumCoat Tech Sheet HERE.