The Benefits of MasterGreen

Easy to Use
1. By eliminating the need for starter fertilizer, homeowners save money by not having to buy starter fertilizer and time by not having to apply it. “Half the Time, Half the Cost!”®

2. The super-absorbent PlatinumCoat® polymer coating allows for successful lawn establishment, even with erratic watering practices.

3. The coated seeds are easy to see when applied.

4. MasterGreen with Platinumcoat®  is easy to use with any standard spreader that is readily available to the consumer.

Better for the Environment
1. MasterGreen with PlatinumCoat® is safer for planting near lakes and waterways since the amount of nitrogen is kept in the growing zone for a longer period of time allowing the plant to utilize it more efficiently.

2. Nitrogen next to the seed for uptake results in less fertilizer leeching and fewer negative environmental impacts.

A Strong, Healthy Lawn
1. The nutrients that PlatinumCoat® provides promote thicker root masses, resulting in healthier lawns with fewer weeds and less disease.

2. Unlike other seed coatings, PlatinumCoat® is scientifically proven to not slow down seed germination and emergence.