Perennial Ryegrass:

Aspire - A-LIST! Broad spectrum disease resistance, especially Gray Leaf Spot and Helminthosporium.
Bandalore - High turf quality and resistance to Brown Patch.
Diligent (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Very early spring green up, high Gray Leaf Spot resistance, fine leaf texture, and Red Thread resistance.
Esquire - Early establishment, exceptional density, wear tolerance, year-round color, and performance.
Hancock (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Dark green color, tiller density, and fine leaf texture.
Keystone 2 - Better summer performance, disease resistance, density, and spring green up.
Regal 5 (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Dark green color, Leaf Spot resistance, and summer performance.
Stamina - Wear tolerant and excellent drought recovery.
Thrive - Freedom from leaf diseases, superior overall quality, excellent drought tolerance.

Perennial Ryegrass - Olympic Varieties:
All Star 3 - High turf quality, improved color, tiller density, leaf texture, Rust resistance, and salt tolerance.
Banfield - Gray Leaf Spot and Brown Patch tolerance, improved turf quality, and color.
Derby Xtreme - Increased density, wear tolerance, Rust and Gray Leaf Spot resistance.
Gator 3 - Heat and disease resistance, dark green color, and fine leaf texture.
Replicator 4N - A tetraploid perennial ryegrass, heat tolerance, disease resistance, and low temperature germination.

Annual Ryegrass:
Axcella 2 - Improved color, leaf texture, and density. Features a dwarf growth habit, excellent cold tolerance, rapid germination, and ease of transition.

Candidame - Darker green color, higher tiller density, and fine leaf texture.

Quickston - Moderate tiller density, fine leaf texture, and transition ability.

Fine Fescue:
Chantilly - A-LIST! Creeping. High turf quality and disease resistance, excellent wear tolerance, and weed resistant.

Cindy Lou - Creeping. Aggressive rhizomes, fine leaf texture, density, quick spring green up, and winter color.

Class One - Creeping. Strong wear tolerance, high turf quality, density, and disease resistance.

Eureka II - Hard. High shoot density, dark green color, drought tolerance, and low maintenance.

Longfellow 3 - Chewings. Improved quality, excel­lent density, strong Red Thread and Dollar Spot resistance.

Wrigley II - Chewings. High turf quality, Pink Patch and Red Thread resistance, salt tolerance, and dark green color.

Quatro - Sheep. Extremely fine blades, a distinct deep dark color, shade tolerance, establishes rapidly with very slow plant growth.

Tall Fescue:
Bloodhound - Aggressive tillering, Brown Patch resistance, shade tolerance, and density.
Cannavaro - Extremely fine leaf texture, high density, and wear tolerance.
Essential - High resistance to Brown Batch, improved density, leaf texture, and color.
Fat Cat - Semi-dwarf growth habit with improved texture, color, and superb year-round performance.
Garrison - Aggressive tillering, resistance to Stem Rust, Net Blotch, and Brown Patch, very drought tolerant.
Houndog 6 - High crown density, dark green color, medium leaf texture, and drought tolerance.
Houndog 8 - High crown density, fine texture, top turf quality, and disease resistance.
Jamboree - Increased density, Brown Patch resis­tant, wear tolerant, fine leaves, fast establishment.
Rhizing Moon - A-LIST! Highly rhizomatous, superior quality, drought tolerant, very dark green color.
Rhizing Star - Rhizomatous with excellent wear tolerance, establishment, and recuperative ability.
Toccoa - Dark green, excellent turf quality, superior Brown Spot resistence.
Turfway - Dark green year-round, excellent drought tolerance, and Brown Patch resistance.
Unitus - Brown Patch resistant, drought tolerant, exceptional turf quality, dark green color.

Bandera (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Texas hybrid-type. Heat, wear and drought tolerance, and aggressive rhizomes.
Blue Ghost - Secunda hybrid-type. Fast establishment, cool season growth, Stem Rust resistance, and drought tolerance.
Fielder (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Shamrock-type. Rapid establishment, excellent traffic tolerance, early spring green up, and superior summer performance.
Fortuna - BVMG-type. Medium green, fast establishment, wear and cold tolerant, disease resistant.
Geisha - Aggressive-type. Very large seed, aggressive rhizomes, medium turf quality, texture, and density.
Geronimo - BVMG-type. Rapid establishment, medium green, strong wear, heat, and drought tolerance.
Katie - Shamrock-type. Low maintenance, rich green color, and resistance to Leaf Spot.
Mercury - A-LIST! America-type. Aggressive, traffic and mow tolerance, early spring green up, and fine leaf texture.
Merit - BVMG-type. Excellent turf quality, seedling vigor, wear, heat, and cold tolerance.
Midnight (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Midnight-type. Dark green color, Summer Patch resistance, heat tolerance, fine turf quality.
Rhythm - Midnight-type. Compact vigorous growth, summer performance, and low mow tolerance.
Sombrero - Aggressive-type. High density, traffic and drought tolerance combined with Snow Mold resistance.

Cobra 2 - Creeping. Improved density, summer performance, heat tolerance, winter color, and high Dollar Spot resistance.

Puritan (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Colonial. Excellent density, fine leaf texture, shade tolerance, and low mow tolerance.

Villa - Velvet. High density and fine leaf texture, shade tolerance, and low maintenance.

Mirage 2 - Increased cold toler­ance, Spring Dead Spot resistance, and green up.
Pyramid 2 (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Fast establishment, high turf quality, superior wear tolerance and recovery, and high resistance to Spring Dead Spot.