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An A-LIST Approved Variety! Nightcrawler (IS-TF 285) turf-type tall fescue is a very versatile variety that will excel in both full sun and deep shade. With aggressive rhizome production and high density, Nightcrawler is very wear tolerant and recovers rapidly from damage. Unlike some other high density cultivars, Nightcrawler is very resistant to Brown Patch, among other common diseases.

Bladerunner II
An A-LIST Approved Variety! Bladerunner II turf-type tall fescue demonstrates superior summer performance coupled with rapid tillering and the production of underground rhizomes. It is a persistent, endophyte enhanced variety that is well adapted to hot summers, lower fertility soils, high salt conditions, shade and tough use.

Mustang 4
An A-LIST Approved Variety! Mustang 4’s exceptional resistance to Brown Patch sets it apart from the pack. It is a variety of turf-type tall fescue developed by the breeders at Pickseed USA, in cooperation with Rutgers University. Its outstanding NTEP (National Turfgrass Evaluation Program) performance shows its very high summer stress tolerance, as well as its shade and traffic tolerance.

Venture (tested as J-140) is a deep rooted, drought tolerant, lower growing, stress tolerant tall fescue variety with good salt tolerance. Developed at the Pickseed USA Research Station, Venture shows very fine leaf texture, excellent disease resistance, and high salt tolerance.

Corona (COL-M) is one of the darkest green tall fescues available. However, Corona is not just another pretty face. It performs well under both high and low maintenance and in the extreme environments of both the southeast and the desert southwest.

Crossfire 3
Crossfire 3 tall fescue is the latest improvement in Pickseed USA’s well-proven Crossfire series of varieties. Developed by the breeders at Pickseed USA. It is a synthetic variety, originated from tillers taken from elite selections of turf-type tall fescue, tracing from Crossfire II that demonstrated superior summer performance, disease resistance and turf quality.

Crossfire 4
Crossfire 4 tall fescue is the newest generation in Pickseed USA’s well-proven Crossfire series of varieties. Developed by the breeders at Pickseed USA. Crossfire 4 demonstrates extremely low mowing tolerance, quick spring green up, high shade tolerance and disease resistance.

Shortstop 3
Shortstop 3, (tested as Pick 60-08), is a new variety of turf-type tall fescue developed by the breeders at Pickseed USA. It is a 22 clone synthetic variety developed at the Pickseed USA Research Station near Corvallis, Oregon. Shortstop 3 originated from tillers taken in 2006 from elite selections of turf-type tall fescue that demonstrated a lower growth habit, superior summer performance, excellent disease resistance, and turf quality compared to other tall fescue varieties.

Cayenne tall fescue was developed by Pickseed USA from superior selections of tall fescue plants screened for many years for turf quality, disease resistance, and seed production potential. Cayenne had outstanding test results for Brown Patch resistance, and also showed high resistance to Leaf Spot. Its drought tolerance, summer turf density, and recovery from wilting combine for excellent summer stress tolerance.

For maximum genetic diversity and adaptation, each of Team’s components are carefully screened and selected for their unique strengths that they bring to the blend. Team is a turf-type tall fescue blend that contains some of the most widely tested and nationally recognized varieties available. Comprised of our top turf-type tall fescues, Team provides an improved turf with enhanced disease resistance, drought tolerance and low maintenance characteristics.

Firewall turf type tall fescue performs as the name implies, it creates a barrier that keeps out Brown Patch and degradation due to intense wear. The Brown Patch resistance contributes to its excellent shade tolerance. Firewall achieves all of these claims while also being top rated in turf quality at multiple locations throughout the country, ensuring that you have a top performer, no matter where you decide to use it. Firewall can also tolerate mowing heights as low as 1/2 inch, making it one of the most versatile tall fescues on the market!