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Outstanding Gray Leaf Spot resistance, Brown Patch resistance, overseeding quality and seedling vigor combine to make a perennial ryegrass that is unmatched. Like the name suggests, the results you will achieve are inevitable - this kind of Karma will take you to new heights in your turf program!
Grow Your Knowledge: Curing Gray Leaf Spot with Karma.

Quickdraw turf type annual ryegrass is a quick germinating variety, perfect for winter overseeding or any use where high quality, rapid turf cover is required. Featuring a finer leaf texture, darker green color, and improved turf quality over older varieties of turf type annual ryegrasses.

Developed in cooperation with Rutgers, Wicked takes drought conditions and summer stress in stride. It tested excellently in the NTEP across all locations, finishing in the top 25% in 75% of all locations tested.

Seville 3
Seville 3 was developed for excellent resistance to Gray Leaf Spot. Working with Rutgers University, Pickseed USA put the latest technology and the best minds to work to help develop Seville 3; a quick-sprouting, deep green beauty that performs under pressure.

Dasher 3
Dasher 3 Perennial Ryegrass exhibits excellent Gray Leaf Spot resistance, very high Brown Patch resistance, and can tolerate winter's low temperatures.

Fiesta 4
Fiesta 4 Perennial Ryegrass is highly resistant to Gray Leaf Spot, has a very fine leaf texture, and high summer density ratings. Fiesta 4 dominated the 2005 to 2009 NTEP trials, ranking as a #1 variety of perennial ryegrass. Under management levels A and B Fiesta 4 scored highest of any variety in turf quality and also had a perfect score in Gray Leaf Spot resistance at all locations. In the 2011 NTEP trial it made a repeat performance, scoring highly in categories across the board.

Blazer 4
Blazer 4 parent clones were derived from tillers selected from elite turf plots in New Jersey. They were screened for quality, uniformity, slower growth, disease resistance, and seed production in Oregon. Blazer 4 is a synthetic perennial ryegrass variety selected at the Pickseed USA Research Station.

Cutter II
Cutter II Perennial Ryegrass combines superior summer stress tolerance with excellent resistance to low temperature injury, and a vigorous growth habit. Whether it’s for sports turf, a golf course, or your home lawn, Cutter II gives you the complete seeding package that you’re looking for.

Edge II
Edge II Perennial Ryegrass is a deep green beauty that performs under pressure. It demonstrated tolerance under both winter and summer conditions. It was developed to be a broad-based genetically diverse variety adaptable to many different locations and uses.

Express II
Express II; a modern twist on a perennial favorite. Express II is a thoroughly proven product of the Pickseed USA breeding program. Developed at Pickseed USA, Express II is an elite, lower growing, dense, dark green beauty.

Mighty Perennial Ryegrass (lolium perenne, tested as 06-B Lp) derived from improved perennial ryegrasses subjected to multiple cycles of selection for both adult and seed­ling salt tolerance. Mighty leaps out of the ground due to this selection for germination vigor and superior stress tolerance.

NightSky (tested as Pick 07-4) is a thoroughly proven product of the Pickseed USA breeding program having been developed at the Pickseed USA Research Station. NightSky has demonstrated excellent germination, establishment, and growth at higher salt levels (12,000 ppm dissolved salts) making it a great choice for use in areas using reclaimed water for irrigation.

Futura 2000
Futura 2000 is a perennial favorite. The product of time and tradition, 2000’s consistent great looks, high performance, and affordability have made it the long-time choice of turf professionals everywhere.

Futura 3000
Looking for a ryegrass that’s appropriate for every occasion? The Futura family of blended ryegrass from Pickseed USA is carefully crafted according to our time-honored standard. Each blend is a distinctive combination of elite varieties, selected for optimal performance. Futura 3000 is Pickseed USA's premium blend, a cutting edge combination of the newest and best turf-type perennial ryegrasses available. This blend is frequently updated, and can be customized for geographically-specific application.

Transist 2600
A successor of the original Transist™ (released in 1999), Transist™ 2600 represents the most advanced type of transitional ryegrass now available anywhere. Transist™ 2600 is an excellent blend partner with other Pickseed USA perennial ryegrasses such as in the very popular Futura 2500 blend. Alone, you can use Transist™ 2600 as a short-lived nurse grass in the north and an overseeding grass in the south.

TransAm is one of Pickseed USA's newest and most advanced transitional ryegrass available. It is a product of Pickseed USA's continuous improvement program with transitional ryegrasses. TransAm (tested as Pick 66B-08) has been tested extensively in overseeded turf trials in Texas and Arizona. TransAm is an excellent blend partner with other perennial ryegrasses such as Express II, NightSky and Fiesta 4 in the popular Futura 2500 blend.

TXR is a cutting-edge turf-type annual ryegrass, featuring quick establishment, superior turf quality, and rapid springtime transition. TXR is a variety of annual ryegrass developed by Pickseed USA and Texas A&M.