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Azay is an improved variety of sheep fescue (Festuca ovina) developed in Europe for very low maintenance turf use. Azay originated from a group of sheep fescue plants selected in turf areas receiving infrequent mowing and low supplemental irrigation. Azay turf can be extremely attractive, exhibiting a low growth habit, a very fine leaf texture, and a moderately dark-blue green color. Azay has a slow rate of vertical growth and maintains its color well during periods of drought and cold weather.

Windward chewings fescue, (tested as Pick FRC A-93) is an elite variety developed at the Pickseed USA Research Facility. Windward is a tough, long lived, endophyte enhanced chewings fescue with excellent adaptation to shade, low fertility, and acid soils. It is a 4 clone synthetic variety, with the parent plants selected for outstanding adaptation to severe turf usage conditions in the Northeast and Midwestern U.S. Windward has a combination of color, quality, and disease resistance that is superior to nearly all other commercially available varieties of chewings fescue.

Garnet has shown excellent performance at every maintenance level, from no-mow to fairway cutting heights of 1/2”. Red fescues have been documented to often contain high levels of a natural herbicide, meta-tyrosine. Garnet has shown low levels of weed invasion in all trials reporting, from crabgrass to Poa annua. Garnet is a tough, persistent, endophyte enhanced variety that is well adapted to deep shade, hot summers, lower fertility soils, higher salt conditions, and lower maintenance situations.

Jasper II
Jasper II is an excellent shade grass having both good shade tolerance and drought tolerance – tough competition against tree root. It is an excellent low maintenance grass, but may also be used in the open sun and can tolerate moderate rate fertility levels. Jasper II is an excellent choice for minimum maintenance areas and can provide an attractive ground cover with very infrequent mowing.

SeaLink is a new variety of salinity tolerant slender creeping red fescue. It was entered into the 1998 fineleaf fescue NTEP trial under the experimental designation ASR 049. SeaLink was developed as a shade tolerant attractive turfgrass adapted to both low fertility and to salt and salinity conditions. SeaLink has a very fine leaf texture, and forms a dense attractive turf that is well adapted to conditions of shade, low fertility, low pH, and salinity.

Spartan II
Spartan II is the best hard fescue available on the market today. Top rated in all areas in the country, and under all maintenance regimes, Spartan II is an important component of many turf mixtures. From un-mown meadows or roughs, to home laws and fairways, Spartan II performs. It has high shade resistance and high density with stress tolerance that keeps weeds out.