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Focus creeping bentgrass has demonstrated excellent resistance to dollar spot and other diseases, enabling you to reduce your fungicide applications on greens, tees, and fairways. Focus is a product of a Pickseed USA and Rutgers cooperative breeding effort, and is the result of many years of development and improvement. Focus has shown quick recovery from aerification as well as fast establishment.

MacKenzie creeping bentgrass was developed with the modern superintendent in mind; the need to blend the classical aspects of the game with a contemporary playing surface. MacKenzie demonstrates excellent winter-active growth, has high resistance to Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Pink Snow Mold, and has excellent core aerification recovery.

Ninety-Six Two
Ninety-Six Two (tested as SYN 96-2) was developed at Texas A&M University to perform well under severe summer stress conditions at green, tee, and fairway cutting heights. It is excellent at resisting Poa annua invasion. Ninety-Six Two has demonstrated excellent resistance to summer stress related diseases such as Pythium, Brown Patch, and other patch-type diseases. It also has good resistance to cold area diseases such as the Snow Molds and cool temperature Brown Patch.

Futura Fairway
Futura Fairway creeping bentgrass blend is a blend of improved and genetically diverse creeping bentgrass varieties selected to provide high fairway performance at a reduced price. Ninety-Six Two was selected for extensive rooting as well as heat tolerance at Texas A&M University to help fight against summer stresses. This combination of cold and heat tolerance, with elite performance, makes Futura Fairway an excellent choice for all areas of the world where bentgrass is grown.

Futura Greens
Futura Greens creeping bentgrass blend is a superior blend of creeping bentgrass varieties selected to complement each other for high performance, no matter what your environment. Futura Greens combines three excellent bentgrasses to create a turf with a broad genetic base. This broad base will provide a putting surface with increased resistance to Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Pink Snow Mold, Pythium, and most environmental stresses.

Futura Pro
Futura Pro creeping bentgrass blend is designed to produce superior golf course greens under a range of environmental and maintenance conditions. Futura Pro combines two top-rated bentgrass varieties from Pickseed USA – MacKenzie and Tyee. Research studies have shown that blends often perform better than the individual cultivars alone, because they ensure a broad genetic base that capitalizes on the strengths of the different varieties. These varieties were selected to provide genetic diversity, outstanding turf quality, and a uniform playing surface under varying maintenance conditions and environmental stresses.