Perennial Ryegrass

Lolium perenne L.

Perennial ryegrass is the fastest establishing species of all the turfgrasses. It prefers milder climates, but tolerates temperatures down to minus 16 to 18°C without a snow cover. With a snow cover, ryegrass can tolerate even lower temperatures. In temperate regions, perennial ryegrass is a true perennial with a high persistence. It can be used on most soil types, with the exception of very wet land. Perennial ryegrass exists in early, intermediate, and late types in respect to heading and spring growth. Perennial ryegrass has very high wear tolerance.

Establishment: 7 to 10 Days
Use alone or with bluegrass for year-round quality and sod strength.

Click Variety Name to Download the Tech Sheet:
Aspire - A-LIST! Broad spectrum disease resistance, especially Gray Leaf Spot and Helminthosporium.
Bandalore - High turf quality and resistance to Brown Patch.
Diligent (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Very early spring green up, high Gray Leaf Spot resistance, fine leaf texture, and Red Thread resistance.
Esquire - Early establishment, exceptional density, wear tolerance, year-round color, and performance.
Hancock (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Dark green color, tiller density, and fine leaf texture.
Keystone 2 - Better summer performance, disease resistance, density, and spring green up.
Regal 5 (Tech Sheet Coming Soon) - Dark green color, Leaf Spot resistance, and summer performance.
Stamina - Wear tolerant and excellent drought recovery.
Thrive - Freedom from leaf diseases, superior overall quality, excellent drought tolerance.

Perennial Ryegrass - Olympic Varieties:
All Star 3 - High turf quality, improved color, tiller density, leaf texture, Rust resistance, and salt tolerance.
Banfield - Gray Leaf Spot and Brown Patch tolerance, improved turf quality, and color.
Derby Xtreme - Increased density, wear tolerance, Rust and Gray Leaf Spot resistance.
Gator 3 - Heat and disease resistance, dark green color, and fine leaf texture.
Replicator 4N - A tetraploid perennial ryegrass, heat tolerance, disease resistance, and low temperature germination.