Competition Grade’s Performance Tested Genetics will:

  • Provide higher shear strength increasing player safety
  • Respond better to wear providing a more robust playing surface
  • Resist major diseases and lower maintenance budgets
  • Increase aesthetics through improved genetic color
  • Express rhizomatous growth habit for damage recovery
  • Include options for actively growing under lower light for staduims, as well as earlier and later season play.

Competition Grade blends and mixtures are specifically crafted to meet the demands of the highest-level athletic surfaces in the world. Each contains varieties chosen for attributes that will aid in quick self-repair, fast establishment, early spring green-up, high wear tolerance and active cool weather growth. To avoid planting tomorrow’s problems today, the performance-tested genetics present in Competition Grade blends and mixtures should be your only option.

Each series features 4Turf™ technology in at least one product:

Perennial ryegrass-based blends using varieties with market-leading wear tolerance and disease resistance


100% 3-way diploid perennial ryegrass blend


80% 3-way diploid perennial ryegrass blend / 20% 4Turf™ perennial ryegrass

Tall fescue-based blends and mixtures exhibiting rapid tillering and high rhizome production, high resistance to major diseases, high density, and low mowing tolerance


100% 3-way turf-type tall fescue blend


90% turf-type tall fescue / 10% Kentucky bluegrass


85% turf-type tall fescue / 10% 4Turf™ perennial ryegrass / 5% Kentucky bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass-based blends and mixtures offering quick establishment, high wear tolerance and recovery, early green-up in the Spring, disease resistance and quick drought recovery


100% 4-way Kentucky bluegrass blend featuring wear-tolerant Sombrero and three other Kentucky bluegrasses selected for superior establishment and wear tolerance


80% 4-way Kentucky bluegrass blend / 20% 4Turf™ perennial ryegrass


50% 4-way Kentucky bluegrass blend / 35% 3-way diploid perennial ryegrass blend / 15% 4Turf™ perennial ryegrass

4Turf™ is a new turf-type tetraploid perennial ryegrass. Agricultural grass-growers have long understood the value of tetraploid perennial ryegrasses: rapid establishment, growth in cooler soil temperatures, and better environmental stress tolerance. Our breeders set out to pass on these characteristics to turf growers. They developed tetraploid technology to the point where turf managers, too, can experience the tetraploid advantage in a unique range of fine-leaved, high performance turf-type tetraploid perennial ryegrasses. Historically, perennial ryegrasses bred for turf use have been diploid. Tetraploid perennial ryegrasses are a technological step forward. They perform better because they have twice as many chromosomes and twice as much chloroplast in each cell. The extra chloroplast boost chlorophyll production, creating a healthier, higher-energy plant.

Why should 4Turf™ matter to you?

Germination in cooler soil temperatures allows for more effective late season repair in the Fall and early season application in the Spring. The lower set crown of the plant greatly improves wear tolerance, because the crown isn’t being destroyed in high-traffic situations. It also helps the plant to be closer to the warm soil, increasing its winter survivability. 4Turf™ has been documented to withstand over 100 days under ice and maintain 100% cover when it finally melted away! Increased drought tolerance and quicker recovery from drought stress.