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Corporate Office:
175 West H Street
Halsey, Oregon 97348 USA

Mailing Address:
PO Box 229
Halsey, OR 97348 USA

800-445-2251 (toll free)
541-369-2251 (office)
541-369-2640 (fax)

General Information
For more information, please contact:

Staff Contacts:

Claus Ikjaer
President and CEO
office: 541-369-2251

Shari Maasdam
Vice President
office: 541-369-1855
cell: 541-990-5489


Mike Billman
Export Director
office: 541-918-1011
cell: 541-657-9055


Sean Chaney
Vice President Professional Turf Division
office: 541-918-1018
cell: 541-409-7201


Chuck Fagin
Vice President
Retail Division
office: 541-369-1841
cell: 541-990-5410


Roeland Kapsenberg
Vice President Operations
office: 541-369-1840
cell: 541-619-0221

Steve Reid
Chief Breeder and Research Director
office: 541-369-2251
cell: 541-207-4605


Leah Brilman, Ph.D.
Director Project Management and Technical Services
office: 541-918-1004
cell: 541-602-4861


Bill Dunn
Transition Manager
office: 541-918-1006
cell: 541-602-4426

Rick Myers
Retail Transition Manager
office: 541-369-2251
cell: 763-244-1149


Denise Dehart
Professional Sales Representative
office: 541-369-1832
cell: 541-990-2686


Scott Wohltman
Regional Wholesale Lead Forage Division
cell: 217-994-3916


Bert Strayer
Regional Wholesale Lead Forage Division
cell: 319-240-0561


Jerome Magnuson
Forage and Organic Specialist
office: 541-369-1852
cell: 541-990-5409


Richie Coleman
Forage Specialist
office: 541-369-1832
cell: 662-299-0450


Melissa Clark

Melissa Clark
Account Manager
office: 541-918-1008
cell: 541-657-8033


Matthew Duncan

Matthew Duncan, CSFM
Account Manager
cell: 541-657-8093


Troy Brock

Troy Brock
Procurement Manager
office: 541-369-1837
cell: 541-657-8474
fax: 541-369-2640


Scott DeBolt

Scott DeBolt
Account Manager
cell: 615-579-4172