Why MasterGreen?

Why a Lawn?
Well landscaped lawns add to a home’s value and to our quality of life. Creating green spaces helps the environment by reducing air pollution, heat, dust, erosion and noise. Backyards give us places to gather family and friends for barbecues, parties, weddings, sports, and relaxation. It’s more than just growing grass it’s growing life long memories. The first step is to choose well adapted grasses for your location and needs. Today’s homeowner wants a lawn that is lush and beautiful but easy to plant and maintain with fewer inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides. DLF Pickseed has just the right grass for you!

Why MasterGreen® PlatinumCoat® Grass Seed?
MasterGreen PlatinumCoat grass seed combines superior seed genetics with our advanced seed coating technology to give the homeowner a fresh start at establishing a beautiful, affordable, low maintenance lawn. Time and cost is saved because seed and fertilizer are packaged together in a unique coating. No longer is it necessary to buy that bag of starter fertilizer and then wonder how to use it. We made is simple. Just plant, water, and watch your grass grow! Nitrogen is used more efficiently by the plant as just the right amount stays next to the seed during germination. There is less waste and less run off resulting in less pollution. Good for the environment and good for you.

Choose Wisely
Whether you are establishing a new lawn or renovating an existing one, deciding which type of grass to plant is the first step. A number of factors should be considered, including region, climate, intended use or wear at the site, and desired appearance. Different types of grass thrive in different conditions, so it is important to pick a variety adapted to your location. We do just that! DLF Pickseed turf experts select grasses specifically for your growing area and needs. MasterGreen PlatinumCoat grass seed products can be trusted. The seed is guaranteed to grow. DLF Pickseed brings their years of experience and knowledge to you, giving you that lush green lawn you have always wanted. MasterGreen, the green solution!