MasterGreen NutriForage is an innovative product. Our exclusive PlatinumCoat seed is safe around children and pets. The special super-absorbent polymer in the coating keeps the water around the seed longer, protecting it from drying out too quickly. Also, starter fertilizer is included so there is no need to buy and apply fertilizer saving you...


NutriForage mixtures are specially formulated to excel for all your pasture needs. Start with high-quality seeds for a high-quality pasture. NutriForage mixtures are designed to maximize your forage potential for higher yields. Higher yields means more food is available for your grazing animals.

NutriForage is highly adaptable. NutriForage mixtures are formulated with site, soil and use conditions in mind for grazing animals. It's all about healthier animals!

New Planting:

NutriForage can be used as a medium-term pasture with a 3 to 4 year persistency, or as a long-term pasture with an overseeding program. Ideal for maintaining pastures and hay fields with high dry matter production and high feed quality.

Maintain maximum yield from your forage crops by repairing and thickening those thinned out areas in your pasture. NutriForage varieties are fast germinating and quick to establish, enhancing existing alfalfa or grass stands.