THE SEED - The turfgrasses in all our LuckyGreen products have been selected for exceptional drought tolerance, attractive appearance, and ideal for planting high traffic areas. Our plant breeders, through many years of natural selection, brings you a revolutionary Microclover with all the benefits of traditional clover packed into very tiny leaves.

MICROCLOVER - Microclover "spoon-feeds" nitrogen to the grass, producing a healthy, dense, and naturally green lawn that is easy to maintain. The vigorous and dense growth of Microclover and grass together crowds out existing weeds and prevents new weeds from establishing. The unique, dense stolon structure allows Microclover to tolerate exceptionally low mowing heights down to 1/2". DLF Pickseed has the one and only Microclover!

SUSTAINABLE - Microclover has been bred to stay green all year long! The healthy growth of accompanying grasses contribute to the overall attractive green color which remains year round. With our exclusive PlatinumCoat there is no need to fertilize when planting because starter fertilizer is included. A more environmentally friendly, cost effective, and low maintenance turf solution cannot be found.