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DLF Pickseed is proud to introduce MasterGreen, our newest line of premium turfgrass mixtures. Every MasterGreen mixture is formulated with exclusive high quality varieties that have been selected for premium quality, low growth, ultra density and fine blades. These complex mixtures are designed to thrive in most climates and to comply with the most demanding professional applications. MasterGreen is the perfect solution when only the best is required.

MasterGreen varieties to cover all the most common applications; Dense Shade, Sun & Shade, Tall Fescue, Fall Mix, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Perennial Ryegrass. All are offered in multiple retail sizes to suit your needs. Our Premium Lawn varieties can be used for custom dealer-specific mixtures. Give us a call today to learn more about MasterGreen.

MasterGreen Premium Turfgrass Mixtures - The Green Solution!

MasterGreen® PlatinumCoat® is grass seed that is coated with nitrogen so that homeowners don't have to buy a separate starter fertilizer. Plus, the coating holds water so you don't have to water it as often to get it growing.

MasterGreen® PlatinumCoat® grass seeds bring high performance right to your lawn. Our exclusive targeted seed nutrition 4-n-1 technology adds essential fertilizer to the seed and seals it with a water-absorbent coating, requiring less water in order to achieve stronger, faster root development and more consistent growth.